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Plants that hang out with me

Op Shop Plant Pots

I don’t need my indoor plant pots to be leaky, thank you very much, so as alternatives:
Two casserole dishes, a canister and a kitchen utensils holder (this is a much nicer yellow than it looks in the photo):

Casseroles, Canister and Utensils Holder
Casseroles, Canister and Utensils Holder

Plus two coffee canisters and a honey pot, like that was a useful honey pot the way it didn’t seal to keep the ants out! Not that I thought it would be useful when I bought it at a pottery in Victoria all those years ago, but I just HAD to have it because it was so pretty!

Parsley Corriander and ???
Honey Pot, and 2 Coffee CanistersParsley Corriander and ???

Yes, that’s the kitchen sink in the foreground.

Now what to do with the disused lids?

What to do with the lids? Any suggestions?

Also, a $1:00 light weight plastic pretty watering jug:

Watering Jug
Watering Jug